Sunday, June 16, 2013

Starspray by Barbara Jean Smith Parker

This picture is of us christening the "Starspray." I broke the bottle. Bill held me from falling in and Bob took some pictures. I don't know who took this picture? This was an exciting day and we were anxious to sail our new boat. Just more memories.

All three boys Bob, Dave and Dan are in the cockpit and it looks like Bill on the tiller. Those were fun days. Especially when Bob was on the tiller and heeled the boat over very far. Sure he like to hear me scream! Remember when we went out to meet the Queen Mary and it was so windy we had to head back. Remember our days spent at little harbor in Catalina. How about getting caught in the fog off of the coast. Or pilling into Woody's Wharf and David trying to keep the boat from ramming into the bow sprit of a docked boat. Many memories. I am sure the boys have more. Going out of the jetty at Newport. Could be headed for Catalina?

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