Sunday, June 16, 2013

Long Beach Apartment House by Barbara Jean Smith Parker

Another old picture. This is the house on 4th Street in downtown Long Beach, California, that Emily Potter owned.
She lived in the apartment on the right side of the picture and Aunt Blanche lived in the apartment on the left. I remember visiting when I was about five years old. It was a different kind of place because it had one toilet downstairs in the back hall for the downstairs apartments to use, and one upstairs for the upstairs residents. I remember it being dark and the toilet seat was a funny color of black or dark brown. I did not like to use it unless veryyyyy necessary. Great Grandma always had cookies but we had to have oatmeal first. The very small kitchen had very dark wood cupboards and wood drain boards. There was a pull-down bed in the living room. I don't remember if there was a bedroom. Great Grandma was always in her rocking chair. She had very white hair that was a little bit yellow and and my mother said that it was because she only washed it once a month or longer. She always had on a long black dress with a white lace collar. I remember the funniest things but I was only five when she passed away.
In the summer, when my mother was young, they would visit Great Grandma and from there, they would go to the Pike or the beach. I think in some of the pictures you can see my mother and Aunt Lucille in front on the steps.
There are new apartments there now, and I went down a couple of years ago to see the house and get pictures, but it has been torn down and the apartments were built. This is the only picture I have and it was sent to me by a cousin.

Written in Aug 2009

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