Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Potter people & Abraham Lincoln

My friend, Mark Potter, grand-nephew of Milo Dock Potter (his grandfather is Wila Oscar Potter, Milo's brother) shared this and lots of other information with me. Thanks, Mark! Mark found the following here. This is also a nice little snippet about Mr. Lincoln's life, and involves Ms. Green as well.

At key moments in Mr. Lincoln's life, his friends rallied around him. Mr. Lincoln understood how to accept as well as give friendship. New Salem friends bailed him out when his horse, saddle and surveying tools were seized. When girlfriend Ann Rutledge died, Mr. Lincoln went into a deep depression. "He was seen walking alone by the river and through the woods, muttering strange things to himself," wrote biographer Ida Tarbell. "He seemed to his friends to be in the shadow of madness. They kept a close watch over him; and at last Bowling Green, one of the most devoted friends Lincoln then had, took him home to his little log cabin, half a mile north of New Salem, under the brow of a big bluff. Here, under the loving care of Green, and his good wife Nancy, Lincoln remained until he was once more master of himself."
Note: Nancy (Potter) Green was Andrew Jackson Potter's aunt.) Andrew Jackson Potter is Milo Dock Potter's father.