Sunday, June 26, 2011

Joseph Milus Stevenson

Catherine Cox and her first husband, Agrippa Parker, had three children together: John, James and Cynthia. Agrippa died at about age 30, probably around 1846. Catherine then married Joseph Milus Stevenson, a widower with four children of his own.

Together, Catherine and Joseph had many more children.  (Catherine later raised her daughter Cynthia's children also.)

So Joseph Stevenson was my great-great grandfather's (James Parker's) stepfather.  Joseph was a well-educated man who served a term as a Missouri State Senator in 1835-1837. During the Civil War, Joseph enlisted on January 25, 1862 at Middlebrook, Iron County, Missouri in Company B, 12th Missouri State Militia, led by Captain William J. Leeper.  He was 62 years old. Joseph's sons, Robert, Henry and Joseph, as well as his stepsons John and James Parker, also fought for the Union.

In July 1862, Joseph was sleeping in a tent near Greenville, Missouri, not far from Iron County, when the Confederates made a night raid on the Union camp.  Joseph was shot in the head as he slept and lived for two days. His nephew, Henry H. Stevenson, was fighting for the Confederates and was captured during the raid. Henry nursed his uncle until he died.

Joseph is buried in the National Cemetery at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, in a grave with a marker that only says J.M.S.