Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rose Sisters by Barbara Jean Smith Parker

My cousin, Eleanor Martinez in Arizona, sent me these pictures. She is the grandaughter of Dorothy MacDonald, who was Aunt Blanche's daughter.

This is a picture of Pearl Rose Potter, Blanche Rose MacDonald and Olive Rose DeRemer. They are three sisters. Pearl is the youngest and Olive is the oldest. I remember all three of them and used to visit Aunt Olive in San Fernando, California. Uncle Ed and Aunt Olive had an orange grove and I remember Uncle Ed getting up very early in the morning to set out the smuge pots. After the 1933 earthquake in Long Beach my mother, sister and I lived at their house for a good six months.

This is my mother's sister, Lucille Potter Miller, Dorothy MacDonald (Aunt Blanche's Daughter), someone named Vera, who I don't know and Evelyn May Potter, my mother. This picture is in Long Beach down by the Pier. I love to look at the clothes and notice the bathing suits on the people in the background.

Written in July 2009

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