Friday, June 21, 2013

Parker Boys Portraits and Names by Barbara Jean Smith Parker

Robert William Parker

Daniel Thomas Parker, David Lee Parker

Robert William Parker was named because if he was nicknamed I liked the name of Bob.
His middle name was after his dad. David Lee was named because we liked the name of David and how it sounded soft and manly when you said it. Dave wasn't bad either ,and I figured Dave was a good shortened version. Lee is Grampy's middle name and Bill's mothers middle name. It also made a good "door name!"
Daniel Thomas was a hard one because I liked Daniel and I liked Thomas. Dan and Tom were good shortened versions. My Aunt wanted me to name him Thomas, so we settled for Daniel and Thomas. Of course, I call him Danny and probably am the only one allowed to get away with it. To everyone else, he is Dan. We wanted regular boys' names and not some variation or unusual ones. However, I love the name of all of my grandchildren and great grandchildren and why their parents picked the names they did. 

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