Friday, June 21, 2013

How Bill and Barbara Parker Met by Barbara Jean Smith Parker

I met your grampy at a church camp for college age adults at Crestline California. It was love at first sight. He was so cute and had such a winning smile and great personality the I couldn't resist him and so I let him catch me. Our first kiss was, believe it or not, a few days later and from then on it was history. He was just back from the service in WWII and I was a sophmore in college. My girlfriend had her eye on him, but because he was just going to be a freshman she knew he was to young. Well, I knew better. I knew that he had been in the service for three years right out of high school and of course I didn't tell her.
He was going to attend Chapman College and I knew I had to go there too. So I talked to my grandpa and he agreed to pay my tuition. Off I went!! We were meant to be together because after about four weeks, believe it or not, we were married and moved into the quonset huts for married students on the college campus.
We did not have much of a wedding, but it was a nice one in our minister's home with our families there. We had a small wedding cake and then headed off to the mountains for our honeymoon before going back to college.
The rest is history and after 58 years, 3 boys, 13 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren we are still here and perking along at a pretty good speed.
Life is good and our children are spectactular. Love them all.

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