Friday, June 21, 2013

Parker Memories by Barbara Jean Smith Parker

David, Bob and Dan were fishing in the river where we were camping in the Redwoods. I don't remember if they caught anything. 

David, Dan and Wayne Smith (the little boy that we babysat with) are all at Grandma Potter's house in the yard. David has a blue cast on his arm. They were all such cute little boys. David told the story about naptime. That was scarry - didn't have any idea where he was and he wouldn't come when I called him over and over. I was so glad to have him come home all I could do was love him. He didn't do it again!

Danny talked about the Christmas trees we had when he was little. This is a picture of one. We made cookies, large ones, and painted them with a paint brushand used different colors of frosting. Then we would put them our for Santa to find when he brought the tree to decorate. He hung all of the cookies on the tree and even the popcorn that we all strung. It really was a surprise to wake up on Christmas morning and find a tree all decorated with presents under it. I don't know who had the most fun- Bill and I or the three boys.

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