Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pearl holding Elliott Richard Parker, 1974

A picture of Pearl Jessie Rose Potter, holding her first Great-great-grandchild, Elliott Richard Parker, in the fall of 1974.


LindaB said...


I have a needlework sampler which was done by a young girl named Maria Masten, b. 1826, whom I believe was (later) the grandmother of Pearl Jessie Rose Potter. I believe Maria moved from Virginia to Ohio in childhood. Any more info on Maria would be much appreciated. I can send photos of the sampler. Thanks. Linda

elliott said...

Linda, I do have some information about Maria's parents, who I believe were named William Masten and Ann or Anna. Happy to share what information and sources I have! I would love a photo of Maria's needlework sampler! What a treasure! My email address is elliottparker at gmail dot com.