Sunday, June 16, 2013

Emily May Pinney Rose Roberts Potter by Barbara Jean Smith Parker

A cousin in Arizona sent me these pictures of our family. I had never seen a picture of Obediah Wellington Rose before. He died when Pearl Potter (my grandmother) was three years old. This was before the Pinney family left Missouri by covered wagon and came to California. She has more pictures to send so I will blog them when I get them. I am not sure of the date on any of these or just when Emily married Mr. Roberts. After they were divorced, or he passed away (I am not sure which), she married Andrew Jackson Potter, who was Milo Potter's father. This made Grandma Pearl and Grandpa Milo step brother and sister as well as man and wife. I know that Emily did not marry AJ Potter until some time after Pearl and Milo had been married for some years. Family history has so many stories.

Obediah Wellington Rose and Emily May Pinney Rose. This is a picture of Pearl Potter's parents.

Emily May Pinney Rose

Emily May Pinney Rose Roberts Potter

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