Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Car, 1967 by Barbara Jean Smith Parker

We lived in Villa Park, which was a rural area at the time. We had this old barn in the backyard where the boys used to play. Dan practiced his drums out there and we had a barn dance for Bob's 17th birthday. Our house was built in 1905 and was a craftsman style. Sears used to sell a kit house for 500 dollars and this is what our house was. The Holditches, an old Villa Park family had it built for their first home after they were married.
In 1975, Grampy bought the 1967 jag for ?? but it wasn't much compared to cars today. Bob was driving the old blue chevy station wagon and still trying to fix up the old white ford that he had purchased from a friends father. It didn't run but he finally got it running and then David could drive the blue chevy until he bought a car and then it was Dan's turn. That old chevy had two hundred and fifty thousand miles plus on it when it finally died.
The little jag was a pretty car and the boys took it to the proms. It was special to all of us.

Written in February 2008

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joojierose said...

I love Villa Park as a 'rural area' with a barn :)